About Us

Emmident Australia Pty Ltd., has been set up to provide the latest in  Emmi-dent ultrasound teeth cleaning systems, a revolutionary way of gently cleaning your teeth with 100% ultrasound without brushing.

We are pioneers in marketing and sales of the true ultrasound teeth cleaning system in Australia, as we were the first to launch the Emmi-dent ultrasound toothbrush on our web store, www.emmidentaustralia.com.

We work with Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH, a German Company based in Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany which specializes in ultrasound cleaning systems. The company invented and patented the Emmi-dent ultrasound toothbrush.

We were able to convince our customers about this innovative product by the extensive research and tests done by universities in Germany, articles in the media, TV clips, brochures and being available at all times to offer advice and information. We endeavoured to combine our many years of experience as German engineers and suppliers of dental products with marketing a revolutionary, innovative German product unknown at the time in the Australian market. The concept of using a 100% ultrasound teeth cleaning device without any brushing movements to gently clean teeth was unknown in Australia until 2010.

Since then, we have built a solid base of satisfied customers who are convinced of the therapeutic benefits of ultrasound teeth cleaning. The Emmi-dent ultrasound toothbrush is particularly beneficial to people with implants, braces and dental diseases caused by bacteria, for example ulcers, periodontal disease, root infections and bleeding gums.

In 2015 we will be launching a new range of Emmi-dent products based on ultrasound. We are firm believers in these products as they offer real benefits to people of all ages who suffer from dental problems.

We are always available to provide advice and assistance, whether you are a new customer or have been with us since the beginning.

We are dedicated to faithfully supporting our customers with excellent service, new product updates and a fast delivery at competitive prices.